Verda Schweitzer
Verda Schweitzer
Administrative Technician
Office of the Vice President for Business & Finance

Verda managed the logistics of the Varner Hall renovation, and did a masterful job. It is important to recognize that this entire year-long project was accomplished with the staff still on duty in the building. People had to be relocated in some nook or cranny - usually crowded in with the people from another department - while their area was being worked on.

Verda saw to it that people came through this process with a positive attitude - she even convinced most of them it was fun. Of course there were frantic phone calls from people who couldn’t find their computer or didn’t have a chair, but Verda kept frustrations to a minimum with her cheerful voice and her "can do" attitude.

This was a long, exhausting process that included a couple million detailed decisions. But Verda just kept on working, cheering others, and exhibiting great leadership in every situation. Having finished this job, Verda went right on to negotiate a new custodial contract for Varner Hall - at a $2,500 per year savings.
Pictured: Verda, her husband, Cliff, her mother and father, Elsie and Clarence Luebbe, Regent Blank, Rebecca Koller, David Lechner, Vice President for Business & Finance, President Smith.

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