Barbara Roberts
Barbara Roberts
Office Administrator
Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Barb has worked in the department for over 20 years. To describe her job succinctly, she and her three assistants provide everything the faculty, students, research staff, and postdoctoral fellows need to get their jobs done.

This includes shepherding more than 60 grant proposals through the preparation process each year, keeping all employee records, managing all the grant budgets, and ordering all the supplies for the labs.

Barb personally takes care of the paperwork involved in hiring new faculty and staff and correspondence with invited speakers. Perhaps most importantly, she sees to it that all the learning materials needed for the teaching of medical students and graduate students are ready on time, that all the copies of the syllabus are made, that all of the exams are assembled, and that all grades are accurately collected and reported. She gives new meaning to the term "grace under fire."
Pictured: Barbara, her husband, Larry, and her colleagues, Dr. Surinder Batra, Dr. Parmender Mehta, Dr. Pi-Wan Cheng, Dr. Robert Ramaley, Dr. Ming-Fong Lin, Chancellor Maurer, and Regent Johnston.

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