Judith A. Nelson
Judith A. Nelson
Coordinator of Marketing
Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources

Judy assists IANR divisions and units in developing and delivering key messages about IANR and the University to diverse audiences. She leads a marketing-communications workgroup which develops a variety of publications, provides training for IANR units, and supports the Vice Chancellor’s office in preparing presentations and written communications.

Anyone who has been associated with Judy knows of her impressive skills, her positive attitude and her demand for high quality. She is passionate about the university and puts all of her energy into whatever task is at hand. She is a stickler for accuracy and completeness, challenges any information that seems incomplete or hasn’t been double-checked.

She is an outstanding writer, and has been recognized with state and national awards. Because of her writing skill, she is able to turn even the most difficult concepts into enjoyable reading.
Pictured: Judith, her colleague Cheryl Alberts, her friends Carol Stitt and Joel Gajardo, their daughters Elizabeth and Katie Stitt-Gajardo, Dan Cotton, Director of the Office of Communications and Information Technology, Vice Chancellor Owens, Chancellor Perlman, and Regent Hassebrook.

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