David Svatora
Database Analyst, Shared Computing Services, UNL

Dave is the primary system developer for a number of unique faculty, staff and student applications that have enhanced the efficiency of routine operations at UNL – and provided streamlined user interfaces.

In other words, Dave has been responsible for improving, updating and applying new technology to a variety of systems at UNL, including:
the NCard Program for vending purchases; the Parking Permit-and-Ticketing procedure; the Police Incident Reporting system; and tracking routines for UNL Couriers.

Thanks to Dave, life at UNL is a little simpler.

For instance, if you're hungry and low on cash, you might appreciate that Dave was responsible for modifying campus vending machines to accept Ncard payments. And those who are trying to handle parking issues more efficiently can thank Dave for developing a secure Web Site that allows purchase of parking permits and payment of citations – online.

Dave's work has made the UNL Police incident reporting system accessible to other law enforcement agencies such as the Lincoln Police Department and the Lancaster County Sheriff's Office.

And he created a remote tracking system for courier pickup and delivery, allowing student couriers to connect to the campus wireless network and access information about pickup schedules and billing.

Pictured: Pictured: Sr. Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, Barbara Couture; Regent Hassebrook; David Svatora; and Regent McClurg.

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