Beth Blackburn
Beth Blackburn

Office of Regulatory Affairs – for the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee

On behalf of the Board of Regents I am pleased to present a KUDOS award to Beth Blackburn, who works in the Office of Regulatory Affairs – for the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee at the University of Nebraska Medical Center.

Most of the advances in modern medicine these days are based on research that uses animals – and in fact there are now 474 active research protocols at the Medical Center using animals. The heart of this activity is the Animal Care and Use Committee – and the unsung hero of that Committee is Beth Blackburn.

Beth embodies a wealth of knowledge and history in regulatory and university requirements for conducting both animal and human subject research - effectively handling day-to-day operations of the Committee, as well as meeting the needs of researchers throughout the Medical Center. Her job tasks include: Keeping faculty members updated about the latest research regulations, administering and maintaining the Committee’s huge data base, and keeping complete and accurate records of all Committee activities.

Beth is an expert source of information and carries out her responsibilities in a gracious and respectful manner – maintaining her professionalism, sense of humor and willingness to be helpful.

Beth exemplifies commitment to the Office of Regulatory Affairs – and to the University of Nebraska Medical Center. She is an extraordinary individual who goes far beyond what is expected. In the last few months a co-worker with significant health problems has been on extended leave of absence, so Beth has handled double duties – delaying her vacation to meet the needs of the Medical Center.
Beth has brought two representatives from the Medical Center; her supervisor, Dr. Ernest Prentice, and Dr. Steve Dixson, Director of Comparative Medicine. Please join me in thanking Beth Blackburn for her dedication and service to the Med Center.
Pictured: Pictured: Chancellor Maurer; supervisor, Ernest Prentice; Beth Blackburn; colleague, Steve Dixon; and Regent Hawks.

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