Darlene Esser
Darlene Esser
Administrative Assistant
Office of International Affairs

The Board of Regents is pleased today to present a KUDOS award to Darlene Esser, Administrative Assistant in the Office of International Affairs at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

In her years of service, Darlene has achieved a record of exceptional work as business manager, administrator of the Fulbright Program, and as executive assistant in International Affairs. She is a skilled and responsible professional, but she is much more.

On her own initiative, Darlene implements and completes a myriad of tasks that have a direct and beneficial impact on the 1,300 international students at UNL – and the 700 domestic students who wish to study abroad.

Letters from colleagues speak of Darlene’s dedication, efficiency, energy, good nature, conscientiousness and willingness to help. Her enthusiasm is contagious - and her loyalty to the University runs deep.

Harriet Turner, Director of International Affairs at UNL, says that Darlene’s work on behalf of international education is exceptional. Turner writes: “Darlene’s commitment and unflagging attention to the welfare of international students, and to the mission of International Affairs, is without peer. Each day Darlene performs at her best. Her professional expertise, exercised for more than 12 years at UNL, and her ability to assume authority for new, significant responsibilities and projects - are invaluable and indispensable assets.”

With Darlene today is her husband, Jim Esser, and her supervisor, Harriet Turner. Please join me in thanking Darlene Esser for her dedication to International Affairs - and to the university.

Pictured: Pictured: husband, Jim Esser; Darlene Esser; supervisor, Harriet Turner; Regent McClurg; and Chancellor Perlman.

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