Sandy Leslie
Sandy Leslie
Employee Relations Specialist
Human Resources

On behalf of the Board of Regents I am pleased to present a KUDOS award to Sandy Leslie, Employee Relations Specialist at the University of Nebraska Medical Center. In a very thoughtful nomination, Sandy’s co-workers and supervisors described her top strengths and contributions to the Medical Center. John Russell, Executive Director for Human Resources, talked about her sense of responsibility. He said: “For most of 2005 Sandy served as the interim lead for Human Resources in Employee Relations, due to the illness and death of the previous director. Her dedication on the job and to the customer service needs of UNMC faculty and staff were evident in the long hours she spent in the office, facing and meeting challenges, and taking on necessary responsibilities.” Katie Kerrer (car-er), a co-worker, wrote of Sandy’s understanding nature: “She listens to customers, understands their needs and is empathetic with their issues, yet remains firm in maintaining UNMC policy and procedures. Even in the most trying of times, she maintains her sense of humor.” Tina Spence, a colleague from Parking Services, said that Sandy helps people to grow and see the best of the situation. And Dale Miller, another colleague, pointed out Sandy’s poise: “I am amazed at how consistently she respects employees and management, even in the most difficult discipline situations. Sandy is very good at sizing up situations and coming up with alternatives.” Today Sandy has brought the following guests: Don Leuenberger, Vice Chancellor for Business and Finance; Carmen Sirizzotti (zir-i-zoe-ti), Division Director of Employee Relations; and co-workers Sandra McKenzie, Katie Karrer (car-er) and Margaret Boyce. Please join me in thanking Sandy Leslie for her dedication and service to UNMC.
Pictured: Pictured: Chancellor Moore; Regent Schroeder; colleague, Carmen Sirizzotti; colleague, Katie Karrer; Sandy Leslie; colleague, Don Leuenberger; colleague, Sandra Mckenzie; colleague, Margaret Boyce

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