Diane Schroeder
Diane Schroeder
Computer Support Specialist
Haskell Agricultural Laboratory

This KUDOS recognition goes to Diane Schroeder (Schray-der) a Computer Support Specialist for the Haskell Agricultural Laboratory at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Diane is a dedicated, sincere employee who maintains the highest standards of workmanship in her duties. And those duties are many: Diane provides hardware, software and network support and training for faculty and staff. She analyzes and researches the needs of the Lab – repairs, upgrades and maintains equipment – and tests and installs new systems.

But what genuinely separates Diane, according to colleagues, beyond her computer savvy and her exceptional competency, is her commitment to go the extra mile - beyond what is expected – and always, always maintain a smile. They write: “Diane stays flexible in modifying her schedule to address the everyday unexpected problems and issues, and she does it with a customer-service attitude in mind.”

Co-workers talk about Diane’s respect for staff, her calming force, her open-minded attitude, her professional skills. Those who nominated her said: “Diane is smart and her exceptional technology skills have served us well. Under very demanding workloads, Diane demonstrates a mature sense of priorities and a lot of common sense. Her excellent work habits and quick learning skills make her an invaluable asset. Diane’s professionalism, experience, superb work ethic and willingness to get the job done set a high standard for all of us.”

Diane’s guests today are: her husband, Jerry Schroeder (Schray-der); Roger Terry, director of IANR Communications and Information Technology; Alfred Stark, Computing Section Coordinator for IANR Communications and Information Technology – and John Witkowski, Northeast Research and Extension Center District Director. Please join me in congratulating and thanking Diane for all her high-tech contributions to the University of Nebraska.

Pictured: Pictured: Chancellor Perlman; husband, Jerry Schroeder; supervisor, Alfred Stark; Diane Schroeder; Vice Chancellor John Owens; Regent Whitehouse; Northeast research and Extension Center District Director, John Witkowski; and supervisor, Roger Terry.

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