Janet Padrnos
Administrative Technician, Cashiering and Student Accounts, UNO

The Board of Regents is pleased to present a KUDOS award today to Janet Padrnos Administrative Technician with Cashiering and Student Accounts for the University of Nebraska at Omaha.

Making sure the sometimes daunting tasks of billing and paperwork are a little easier for both students and staff, Janet assists with the daily business of serving the Cashiering and Student Accounts window for UNO. A 14-year member of the campus community, she helps keep business running smoothly and ensures the accuracy of UNO’s student files.

Janet’s responsibilities are many. She interacts with students and coworkers – explains statements to students – and works with department deposits. From moment to moment, day to day, she completes a long list of on-the-job tasks: Handling employee scholarship transactions. Billing for student charges. Keeping accounting records for Emergency Student Loans. Reconciling the Student Account cost centers.

Co-workers write of Janet: “She is the ideal worker. She will drop everything she’s doing at a moment’s notice to help a student, staff member or faculty member. But not only does she immediately help these people, she sticks to the issue until it is resolved. It is her passion for her job and those she is serving that make her unique.”

Janet, in turn, loves her career. She says: “I like the variety of my job and the ability to interact with students and employees. I have always enjoyed working with numbers, keeping accounts in balance, and assisting people. It is a joy to go to work every day.”

Janet’s guests today are her husband, Clarence, and her daughter, Jean. Please join me in thanking Janet Padrnos for her contributions to the University of Nebraska at Omaha.

Janet Padrnos
Pictured: Chancellor Christensen; husband, Clarence Padrnos; daughter, Jean Padrnos; Janet Padrnos; Regent Ferlic.
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