Shelley Stall
Director of Student Legal Services, UNL

A Lincoln native and graduate of the University of Nebraska College of Law, Shelley has worked as director since 1981. She and her staff are responsible for providing legal advice, referral and representation of students in civil and criminal areas of law. Shelley goes beyond the call of duty, showing passion for working with students including those who occasionally get into trouble.
Pictured: Juan Franco, Tom Keefe, Sharon Wojtasek, Greg Newport, Shelley Stall, Regent Carr
Marlene Beyke, her supervisor, writes: “I share the feelings of UNL students who very much appreciate her dedication to students.” Student Body President Lane Carr states: “Shelley goes to bat for students when many others have given up on them. She sees the student perceptive, and in a non-judgmental way helps them resolve issues they would otherwise have no idea how to.”

Shelley was instrumental in developing UNL’s Student Legal Services, which last year closed 1,239 cases. This year she represented a student in front of the Nebraska Court of Appeals. This is an example not only of her dedication to students but her expertise in legal matters.

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