John Backer
Police Officer and Criminal Investigator, UNL

On behalf of the Board of Regents I am pleased to present a KUDOS award to John Backer, a police officer and criminal investigator with the Police Department at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

John began working with UNL Police as a Community Service Officer in 2002. He became a police officer two years later, and was named top officer in his academic class.

His supervisor says that John motivates everyone around him to a higher level of performance. He describes John this way: “A model officer, driven, with a hard work ethic, a man who is continually looking for ways to improve himself.”

John is the primary investigator in the university’s threat management program, something unique to university campuses. Through this important program, John has the responsibility to identify threatening or escalating behaviors in individuals – and to intervene and prevent a potentially dangerous situation from developing. His involvement in this program is believed to have prevented several situations at UNL from becoming more dangerous. In fact, this program is critical in the prevention of incidents like those that have happened recently on other college campuses.

Recently, John’s investigative expertise was demonstrated when he solved a series of burglaries of laptop computers from campus residences. His investigation led to the arrest of an Omaha resident, and to the recovery of many of the computers. Further, the investigation subsequently cleared seven additional burglaries, as well as several larcenies and forgeries in the Omaha area.

Today John has brought his wife, Andra. Please join me in thanking John Backer for his contributions to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s Police Department.

John Backer
Pictured: Sergeant Jeff Hohlen; Captain Charlotte Evans; Chancellor Perlman; wife, Andra Backer; Regent Hawks; John Backer.

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