Jennifer Crozier
Office Associate in General Surgery, UNMC

Jennifer Crozier is the residency coordinator in General Surgery at UNMC, and while her job performance is excellent, there is much more to her story. Jennifer has been diagnosed with breast cancer, an experience that, according to her nominator, "has allowed her to teach each of her residents what it is like to undergo chemo and has given us a personal face to relate our patients to. She may not have realized it, but she has contributed to our mission of educating healthcare providers."

Pictured: Chancellor Maurer; Supervisor, Kim Songster; Jennifer Crozier; Regent Ferlic

Jennifer has used her experience in very positive ways to help others understand the physical, emotional and financial toll this disease takes. She has taken a difficult experience and turned it into something positive -- by making people aware of breast cancer and raising money for cancer research. She recently organized an awareness walk through UNMC's Center for Healthy Living. Jennifer was awarded $1000 by Channel 6 and First National Bank in their "Pay it Forward" campaign, and she has done just that -- she's not only paid it forward for breast cancer awareness and research, but has paid it forward educationally to UNMC's residents.

Jennifer clearly supports the mission and vision of UNMC. She is highly efficient and always gets the needed information to the GME Office, never failing to follow up on all the details. Jennifer's upbeat attitude is truly an inspiration to all around her. She sets an excellent example both as a person and as an employee.

Congratulations, Jennifer, and thank you for your service to the University of Nebraska.
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