Lisa Neal
Assistant Director of Institutional Research, UNK

The Board of Regents is pleased to present a KUDOS award to Lisa Neal, assistant director of institutional research at UNK. Lisa began her professional career at UNK in 1998, and was appointed to her current position in 2007. Kathy Livingston, her supervisor, describes Lisa as “a bright, energetic, and broadly capable individual who is a real treasure to UNK,” and colleagues add that she has “tremendous enthusiasm, energy, and a strong work ethic.”

Pictured: Chancellor Kristensen; Husband, Dan Neal, Son, Jasper Neal; Son, Colton Neal; Regent Ferlic; Lisa Neal; Supervisor, Kathy Livingston
Lisa is working toward providing UNK with a greater ability to respond to requests for information by creating a design on which to build a datamart. The initial design has already improved services and will lead to greater data availability. She has also been instrumental in developing and implementing UNK’s participation in a public report called the “College Portrait,” which is part of a collaborative effort nationwide to improve public understanding of higher education.

Lisa has said that she wants to be in a position to make a difference – and those with whom she works are unanimous in their opinions that she is indeed making a difference at UNK.

For her exceptional contributions to the university community, it is an honor to recognize Lisa Neal as a recipient of the University of Nebraska KUDOS Award.

Joining Lisa today is her husband, Dan, her two children, Colton and Jasper, and her supervisor, Kathy Livingston.
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