Kathy Minikus
Accounting Technician in the College of Public Health Services Research and Administration, UNMC

Kathy assisted with developing a new, more cost-effective program for the payroll process. She updates staff regularly on essential information, including leave accruals, pay increases and anniversary dates.

Pictured: Chancellor Maurer; Co-worker, Laura Bashus; Co-worker, Keith Mueller; Husband, Wayne Minikus; Kathy Minikus; Mother, Helen Jenkins; Sister, Beth Dunker; Regent McClurg

Kathy has also been a great ambassador for the department and the college in her relationships with people outside the university. As the department's (and research center's) point person in preparing grant applications and managing the finances for all of our grants, she is in frequent communication with subcontractors, primary contractors and consultants. She has won consistently high praise for her professionalism and collegiality.

Kathy is the "go-to person" for any questions or concerns staff may have. From dealing with accident reports, to helping staff develop useful spreadsheets - she does it all – AND, she does it all with a positive attitude. There is no question she enjoys the work she performs.

Congratulations and thank you, Kathy, for your important contributions to the College of Public Health.

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