Julie Zetterman
Administrator for the Department of Otolaryngology and Clinical Manager for the ENT and OFP Clinics, UNMC

Julie Zetterman is the administrator of the Department of Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery and the clinical manager for the ENT and OFP Clinics. She has excellent customer service skills whether she is working with patients, physicians, her staff or others outside the department. She has great respect for all employees and goes out of her way to make sure that they know they are very valuable within the department. Julie gives her leads in the clinics the tools to create budgets and to manage and reward staff, and she educates staff through conferences, webinars and special speakers.

Pictured: Chancellor Maurer; Chair, Dr. Anthony Yonkers; Julie Zetterman Husband, Justin Zetterman; Regent Bohn

Julie was instrumental in developing a program called “Dr. Knows.” Dr. Knows is actually a 3 foot nose puppet! Dr. Knows is a program that reaches out to elementary school children and their teachers to teach how to prevent the spread of germs. Julie and Dr. Anthony Yonkers put the program together and make it available to the community through visits to elementary schools. Last year, the program visited elementary schools in North Omaha, Northwest Omaha and Bellevue.

When Julie was hired, she had the daunting task of making the Department of Otolaryngology run more efficiently, economically and profitably. In the past five years, Julie has accomplished the job she was hired for and then some.

We are honored to present this KUDOS Award to Julie Zetterman for her exceptional service to the University of Nebraska Medical Center.

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