Tara Witte
Graphic Designer for Printing Services, Business and Finance Dept, UNMC
Pictured: Chancellor Maurer, Jolene Gulizia, Don Leuenberger, Tara Witte, Michael Witte, Regent O’Connor, Lori Fuller

Her nominator and supervisor, Lori Fuller, manager of printing services, said, “Tara joined printing services in 2008, as the UNMC brand initiative was starting, and she immediately demonstrated her strong customer service skills of being organized, considerate and visionary in the designs created for UNMC.” She continued, “Tara has given workshops on good design practices on the UNMC campus and is a constant resource for departments for newsletters and brochures; she is always able to make recommendations to enhance the final product.”

For the development of a high-level funding brochure, nominator Ron Schaefer praised Tara’s “skill and taste in the layout work, her knowledge of the brand graphics and standards, and her research to provide topical photos. He continued, Tara seemed to enjoy the process, although it required the development of multiple drafts necessary to satisfy the needs and wants of a diverse group of stakeholders and a tight deadline.”

Nominator Margaret Boyce of Human Resources said, “Tara’s customer service skills are excellent. She is an attentive listener when working on our projects. Her ability to follow up promptly with requests, changes, and creating orders is consistently timely and accurate.”
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