Charlie Griesen
Project Manager, UNL

The Board of Regents is pleased to honor Charlie Griesen, project manager for the Utilities division of Facilities Management and Planning at UNL.  Charlie has held this position since graduating from UNL with a degree in Construction Management in May of 2002.  While working full time, he is also taking classes to complete his Masters degree in Construction Management.

Pictured: Margaret Griesen, Charlie Griesen, Clark DeVries, Catherine Griesen, Chancellor Perlman, Jim Griesen, Regent Ferlic
Charlie is responsible for UNL’s utility infrastructure and energy conservation projects.  He manages projects to ensure the reliable generation and distribution of utility services throughout the two Lincoln campuses and leads the department’s geographic information system efforts to document the buried utility infrastructure which includes steam, chilled water, electricity, natural gas, water and sewer lines. GIS data is instrumental in identifying problems with utility distribution and has improved UNL’s ability to respond to information requests and emergencies.  Charlie is a key participant in the utility master planning efforts to address the needs of the campus’s growing research activities.  

Charlie displayed his excellent management skills while coordinating a major electrical sub-station relocation several years ago and more recently a City-led project to replace aged water lines on the City campus.  These projects required a great deal of communication with several UNL departments.  

Charlie also volunteers his time providing tours of the utility plants to UNL Engineering students so they can get first-hand experience with the size and complexity of the systems they are learning about.  He has received many letters of thanks from professors in the Construction Management and Mechanical Engineering Departments. Charlie is an excellent example of the UNL Facilities Management and Planning Department’s commitment to the University’s educational mission.
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