This Kudos is awarded to members of the Administrative Services Group and the Computing Services Network for their dedication in bringing the Nebraska State College System on to the University’s SAP business system, an initiative that was requested at the time an agreement was reached to develop a single student information system serving the university and the state colleges.

Pictured: CSN/ASG Team Members
The challenge presented to this team was to leverage our SAP system in a way that saved on implementation and support costs.  This group successfully transferred our existing system design and University business processes while still maintaining the separate identity of each institution.

This process placed great demands upon an already busy group of people.  They reviewed, and where necessary modified, every bit of configuration and every program in our 10-year-old SAP system to support shared use.  The team also conducted an extensive business process review with State College staff, designed and implemented the required system changes, managed a comprehensive testing process, and provided training for State College personnel. 

The key success factor was the talent and dedication of both the ASG and CSN teams.  Significant effort was required to keep the project on track, and long hours were devoted to meeting critical goals and deadlines.

The State College staff, both at their central office and colleges, should also be commended for their positive role in the project.  Ultimately, the true measure of success is how effectively they are able to conduct business – and the State Colleges are now meeting payrolls, paying vendors and actively utilizing the SAP system for their business operations.

The Board of Regents congratulates the ASG and CSN teams for bringing in the conversion of the State Colleges to SAP on time and under budget.
Team members include:

Don Mihulka
Scott Pyle
Anne Mulligan
Carl Johnson
Karen Kersten
Warren Embree
Randy Goldenstein
Lloyd Goodson
Arlean Crossgrove
Roger Korth
Russ Williams
Caren Hansen
Dave Popelka
Bob Nordstrom 
Linda Aden
Kay Kasl
Steve Anthony
Brad Larson 
Margaret Klein
Katharine Susman
Loren Blinde
Gloria Brink
Barb Carlson
Julie Davids
Tim Einspahr
Karen Lenzen
Sheryl Melton
Edwin Mukusha
Tedde Taege
Dale Zimmerman

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