Beth Benson
Information Systems Coordinator in Business and Finance, UNL

Beth Benson, Information Systems Coordinator in Business & Finance at UNL, is the personification of customer service. Dedicated to the University and its constituents, she is a problem-solver who rises to whatever challenge lies before her. Whether helping 6,000 people transition to automated self-service for benefits enrollment, assisting UNL Police in coordinating emergency response training and action plans, or doing the day-to-day work that supports the smooth operation of our University, Beth gets it accomplished while always being courteous and professional.
Pictured: Chancellor Perlman, Mary Benson, Nicki Shalla, Jeanne Wicks, Ann Manes, Beth Benson, Jane Thatcher, Regent Collins

Her other long-standing University-related affiliations include the University Association for Administrative Development and the National Management Association.

 Beth is very active in the community with long-standing service to many organizations including PEO, Eastern Star, Daughters of the Nile, the Masonic News Board of Directors, Lancaster County Election Board, and the Near South Neighborhood Association.

 Thank you for your outstanding service to the University and your community, Beth.  Congratulations.

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