Darla Morris
Field Training Specialist at the Nebraska Safety Center, UNK

Darla Morris, a UNK employee since 1982, serves as Field Training Specialist at the Nebraska Safety Center.  Her primary responsibilities include managing and coordinating – in compliance with state law, county provision and UNK policy – all aspects of the Center’s Safety Training Option Program, better known as the STOP program.  It is offered by the Safety Center to individuals who have been ticketed for minor traffic violations and, by participating in the program, violators pay no fine and have no court appearance, have no points assessed against their record and, best of all, have the opportunity to improve driving habits.  The program spans 20 Nebraska jurisdictions, and Darla’s responsibilities with the program also include instructor and curriculum development.

Pictured: Chancellor Kristensen, Darrell Morris, Darla Morris, Sherry Morrow, Regent Schroeder

Darla also manages the Center’s budgets, including grant funding, and assists with the preparation and organization of special events, meetings and conferences.  Beyond her Safety Center duties, she has served on UNK’s Support Staff Advisory Council, is a member of the Chancellor’s Student Ambassador Board, and has been a member of the Loper Athletic Club since its inception.

Thank you, Darla, for your outstanding work and the impressive contributions you have made.  Congratulations.

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