Cynthia Shultz
Associate Director of Counseling and Healthcare/Nurse Practitioner, UNK

The Board of Regents is pleased to recognize Cynthia Shultz for her outstanding service to the University of Nebraska at Kearney. As associate director of counseling and health care/nurse practitioner, Cindy’s responsibilities include overseeing daily operations of the UNK clinic and providing health care services to students. “In our clinic,” Cindy says, “we have established a culture of patient‐centered care that values excellence, respect and compassion, and this is reflected in all that we do. I am very proud and honored to work at UNK Health Care.” She is also a member of the campus emergency operations team and has been selected to present at the national conference of the American College Health Association on disaster preparedness.

Pictured: Judy Hayes, mother; Ryan Shultz, son; Chancellor Kristensen; Ciara Shultz, daughter; Cynthia Shultz; Regent Summerfield.
Although relatively new to UNK, Cindy has established herself as a clinician who positively connects with students, engenders strong teamwork and empowers her staff. This past year, Cindy laid ground‐work to establish on‐campus housing to safely isolate students with H1N1 flu, and she singularly designed and implemented a tabletop disaster drill for the emergency operation team personnel to prepare them for the full‐functional drill later. She also demonstrated impressive leadership in dealing with UNK’s first case of a student with active tuberculosis. Further, she developed a web‐based, student feedback assessment portfolio to evaluate departmental services.

Cindy’s guests today include her mother, Judy Hayes, daughter, Ciara (see‐air‐uh) and son Ryan. Please join me in thanking Cindy for her innovative and dedicated service to the University of Nebraska at Kearney.
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