Randy Mattley
Director of Advertising and Creative Services, UNK

Randy is the creative director for promoting and marketing the university’s overall visual reputation. This includes image awareness and supervision of UNK’s identity brands. He is a talented graphic designer, and he has an instinctive grasp of the advertising world. He
Pictured: Chancellor Kristensen; Vice Chancellor for University Relations, Curt Carlson; Randy Mattley; Regent Ferlic.
has taken UNK’s new campus icon, which was designed by a national consultant prior to his arrival, and created around it a comprehensive set of graphic standards and designs that are transforming UNK’s external image through marketing, advertising, publications, web designs and campus signage. He has also partnered with Loper Athletics in developing graphic standards for uniforms and the athletic environment. Curt Carlson, Vice Chancellor for University Relations and Randy’s supervisor, said that “Randy has found a way to present UNK’s unique personality while effectively preserving its all‐important affiliation with the University of Nebraska.”

Randy’s creative accomplishments also include designing and producing UNK’s award winning “New Frontiers” magazine for the Office of Graduate Studies and Research and developing a residence hall marketing plan that is credited as a major factor in recruiting the largest number of students in the past several years to on‐campus housing.

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