Debra Predmore
Accounting Technician for the Bureau of Sociological Research , UNL

Deb’s responsibilities include many of the clerical functions associated with the Bureau of Sociological Research, but in reality, the extent of Deb’s talents and hard work far exceed the traditional tasks associated with her position. Deb has taken on more diverse tasks within the Bureau, especially within the data collection functions. She screens all applicants for student worker positions; schedules and completes interviews with respondents; and jumps in to stuff survey packets and quality check surveys to help meet project demands. She does all of this while staying positive and displaying a great sense of humor. She has also developed excellent relationships with staff in other areas to help the Bureau serve clients with minimal strain on other units.

Deb’s co-workers describe her as hardworking, thoughtful, efficient, gracious, responsible, on top of things and tremendously helpful. No matter how small, big, messy or less-than-glamorous the job, Deb is there with a good attitude and determination to get the job done right. She is considered a “superwoman” because she regularly saves the day by chasing down important details, wrestling down large and complicated projects and jumping in to address any obstacles.

In 2010, Deb received the Annual Applause Award.
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