Gregory Hoff
Software Engineer - Information Systems and Quantitative Analysis, UNO

On behalf of the Board of Regents I am pleased to present a KUDOS award to Gregory Hoff, who is a software engineer in the University of Nebraska at Omaha’s department of Information Systems and Quantitative Analysis.

Pictured: Chancellor Christensen; Gregory Hoff; Dr. Ann Fruhling, supervisor; Regent Hawks
An Omaha native, Greg received his bachelor's degree from Iowa State University, an MBA from the University of Nebraska‐Lincoln and a master's degree in information science from UNO. Greg works on UNO's STATPack research project, which is an emergency response system for state public health laboratories. Nebraska, Kansas and Oklahoma all use the system, which helps the laboratories identify selected bioterrorism or highly contagious organisms. He also is involved in the Consortium for Public Health Informatics project that allows Nebraska public health officials to share information with each other.

People who work with Greg describe him as routinely going the "extra mile" in his work. One person said, "Greg has been a key analyst for the Consortium for Public Health Informatics web portal development. Other things that Greg has done that are above and beyond his current duties include: setting up a Wiki for the Building Bright Futures Initiative, guest lecturing each semester in the Advance Systems Analysis and Design class, and making weekly presentations to visitors at the College of Information Science and Technology when they are touring the STATPack research lab."

Today, Greg has brought his supervisor, Dr. Ann Fruhling, to our meeting. Please join me in thanking Gregory Hoff for his contributions to the University of Nebraska at Omaha.
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