Kimberly Schafers
Coordinator for Husker Hire Link Student Accounts, UNL

The Board of Regents is pleased to present a KUDOS award to Kimberly Schafers, Coordinator for Husker Hire Link Student Accounts in Career Services at the University of Nebraska‐Lincoln. Kim has worked in UNL’s Career Services for more than five years. Kim continually exceeds expectations. For example, even though marketing of the Husker Hire Link system was intended to be a small part of her duties, Kim has done an extraordinary job of promoting the service to students through creative and low‐cost means. When she started, UNL had approximately 3,000 students and alumni registered for the Husker Hire Link system. Now there are more than 15,000 registrants. The growth in numbers is due in large part to Kim’s tireless commitment toward marketing Husker Hire Link and UNL’s Career Services programs.

Pictured: Chancellor Perlman; Kelli Smith, Assistant Director of Career Services; Kimberly Schafers; Tony Schafers, husband; Regent Solomon; Larry Routh, Director of Career Services
Kim maximizes all programs and services with which she assists, whether it is the mock interview program or developing creative ways to market Career Services. She is constantly suggesting ways to better UNL’s programs and services. In addition, she exhibits a high level of dedication to students. It is clear from Kim’s interactions that she genuinely cares about the students’ wellbeing and enjoys her work with them. Her positive attitude and professionalism serve as a role model for everyone.

Kim’s guests today are: Tony Schafers, her husband; Kelli Smith, Assistant Director of Career Services; and Larry Routh (rooth), Director of Career Services.

Please join me in thanking Kim for her dedication to the University of Nebraska‐Lincoln.
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