Arlan Nelson
Systems Administrator for the University Police Department, UNL

The Board of Regents is pleased to present a KUDOS award to Arlan Nelson, Systems Administrator for the University Police Department at the University of Nebraska‐Lincoln. Arlan began his work with University Police in 2007, having previously worked with UNL’s Shared Computer Services since 1994. Last spring, Arlan was selected as the Police Department’s “Employee of the Year.” He is part of a two‐person team that is responsible for the Police Department’s technology advancement. Arlan works diligently to ensure coordination and support of department technology to better university operations.

Pictured: Charlotte Evans, Assistant Chief of Police; Chancellor Perlman; Arlan Nelson; Regent Phares; Owen Yardley, Chief of Police
Arlan also provides management of the campus closed‐circuit television system program which includes a standard of cameras and recording devices that are used to manage department facilities as well as to provide safety and security. His structuring of the system, research and training has provided significant benefits to UNL including his work with officers in retrieving and preserving video evidence which has led to many arrests and the clearing of many criminal cases. Recently, Arlan has added administration of the campus electronic door access system to his responsibilities. He provides server support for the department’s geographic information systems application, which allows crime mapping capabilities and analysis of daily incidents, special events and facility management. He has begun preparations for conducting forensic investigations to obtain evidence from computers used in suspected crimes.

Today, Arlan has brought the following guests: Owen Yardley, Chief of Police, and Charlotte Evans, Assistant Chief of Police. Please join me in thanking Arlan for his dedication to the University of Nebraska‐Lincoln.
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