Jeanne Holdren
Assistant Corporation Secretary, UNCA

The Board of Regents is pleased to present a Kudos award to Jeanne Holdren, assistant corporation secretary for the University of Nebraska.

Jeanne assists the Board of Regents in innumerable ways. She is responsible for preparing the final edition of the Board agenda for each meeting, a task which requires huge attention to detail and careful coordination with colleagues in Varner Hall and on each campus of the University. Time and time again we succeed in producing an agenda that is close to perfection. Most of the credit for this rests with Jeanne.

Pictured: Cathy Robertus, coworker; Alicia Hausmann, coworker; Regent Phares; Verda Schweitzer, coworker; Dr. Donal Burns, Corporation Secretary; Marie Davidson, mother; Jeanne Holdren; President Milliken; Ron Holdren, husband
Jeanne has proven to be the inveterate professional. She is dedicated to assuring that the Board and staff of Varner Hall are fully aware of the needs of the Board, the President and others as the agenda is prepared for a meeting. In addition, Jeanne’s demeanor is always cheerful, very helpful and positive.

Jeanne also has primary responsibility for assuring that the Board has accommodation when they travel to meetings in Lincoln, Omaha or Kearney. She has helped to negotiate rates with hotels that have resulted in improved rooms and associated services together with considerable savings for the University.

As the Board has moved to a less paper‐intensive environment, Jeanne has spearheaded the methods that provide the Board electronic access to records and other information such as presentations made at meetings. The availability of such information for the Board and its committees has also made the orientation of new regents simpler and more comprehensive.

Today Jeanne is accompanied by her husband Ron Holdren, her mother Marie Davidson and her friends and co‐workers, Verda Schweitzer, Cathy Robertus and Alicia Hausmann.

Please join me in thanking Jeanne for her work and dedication to the University of Nebraska.
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