Nan Rowe
Staff Assistant in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, UNL

The Board of Regents is pleased to present a Kudos award to Nan Rowe, Staff Assistant in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Nebraska‐Lincoln.

Nan joined the Department of Mechanical Engineering just over two years ago and has achieved so much that she is now indispensible. She has an exceptional work ethic, exceeds job expectations, manages many tasks simultaneously, and has exhibited professionalism that is truly outstanding. She is creative and innovative in striving to improve the working environment. She always encourages everyone to succeed, including students, staff and faculty alike. Nan is prompt and efficient; she routinely works additional hours to make sure the department’s business continues to run smoothly. She never laments new situations or problems but rather focuses on possible solutions.

Pictured: Regent Hawks; Dr. George Gogos, coworker; Anne Embree, coworker; Nan Rowe; Chancellor Perlman
Among her many responsibilities, Nan handles most business and financial matters for the department, including time‐sensitive documents for students. She tracks faculty searches, promotions and tenure in an exemplary manner. Nan interacts with students in several different capacities and provides key support to student organizations. Nan is further described as pleasant, helpful, hardworking and generous. She has had a positive impact on the department and is most deserving of this Kudos award.

Nan is accompanied today by her guests: Dr. George Gogos and Anne Embree from the Mechanical Engineering Dept. Please join me in thanking Nan for her dedication to the University of Nebraska‐Lincoln and to the Department of Mechanical Engineering.
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