Jeanne Schultz
Cataloging Associate, UNK

On behalf of the Board of Regents, I am pleased to present a KUDOS award to Jeanne Schultz, Cataloging Associate at the University of Nebraska at Kearney.

Pictured: Garry Schultz, son; June Patmore, sister; Chancellor Kristensen; Jonathan Schultz, grandson; Joy Kemp, sister; Jeanne Schultz; Regent Summerfield; Lucy Schultz, daughter, Jackson Slaughter, grandson; Kathy Lou Schultz, daughter.
Jeanne has been a member of UNK’s C.T. Ryan Library staff since May of 1979 and, during that time, has seen a multitude of policy and position changes. In her early years at UNK, for example, she typed individual library call numbers on a seline typewriter. She was part of the card catalog era that required the manual separation of cards into subject, author, title and shelf lists. She helped move and reorganize library materials before, during and after the 1981‐82 library expansion. She helped convert the Dewey call number system to the Library of Congress system and then to the current on‐line system. Today, her primary responsibilities include copy cataloging and database maintenance and supervision of student workers in the Collection Services group. Some of the library’s major resources are the materials collected and accessed in this division: books, periodicals and media, both in printed and electronic format. Jeanne is the primary person who maintains the database which is the library’s catalog. She makes certain that all pertinent details that allow users to search the catalog and find materials are accurate. To assist her is a mix of student workers whom she trains and supervises. “She is a delightful, caring person,” says her direct supervisor, Susan Mueller. “I appreciate her dedication to her work and her work ethic in performing her duties.”

Jeanne’s guests today include her daughters, Kathy Lou Schultz and Lucy Schultz, and her son Garry Schultz and June Patmore and Joy Kemp. Please join me in thanking Jeanne for her exceptional work and dedication to the University of Nebraska at Kearney and to C.T. Ryan Library.
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