Katie Sup Rezac
Academic Advisor in the Division of Continuing Studies, UNO

On behalf of the Board of Regents I am pleased to present a KUDOS award to Katie Sup Rezac, who works as an academic advisor in UNO’s Division of Continuing Studies. Katie, an education graduate of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, has worked at UNO for the last six years, first as an advisor in the School of Health, Physical Education and Recreation prior to joining Continuing Studies two years ago.

Pictured: Chancellor Christensen; Gina Toman, Assistant Dean in the College of Public Affairs and Community Service; Katie Sup Rezac; Regent Hassebrook; Chris Rezac, husband.
A co-worker of hers on campus writes, “Katie is able to effectively work with all constituents . . . she relates well with students, who go to her for all reasons.” In her job, she advises students on their academic careers and makes sure they are aware of services offered by the campus so that they can be successful in their college careers.

Katie not only advises students in her office, but also from a distance. Currently she has several on-line students who are serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. “It can be a challenge,” she says. “For instance, one student will be starting at UNO in the fall and he’s never been to Nebraska, so I’ve been helping him to find apartments.” Asked what she enjoys most about her job, she said, “It’s different every day. I’ve always wanted to stay on a college campus. I have a lot of opportunities to do different things and it’s fun working with the students.”

Joining Katie today is her husband Chris Rezac. In their family, attending the University of Nebraska is a “family affair”: She, her husband and her father are UNL graduates, while Katie’s mother is a graduate of UNK. Katie also is working on her doctorate in educational administration. Also accompany Katie today is her supervisor, Gina Toman, assistant dean in the College of Public Affairs and Community Service.

Please join me in thanking Katie Sup Rezac for her contributions to the University of Nebraska at Omaha.
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