Curt Phillips
Workstation Specialist III in Information Technology Services, UNMC

On behalf of the Board of Regents, I am pleased to present a KUDOS award to Curt Phillips, Workstation Specialist III, Customer Support Service, Information Technology Services (ITS), UNMC.

Pictured: Chancellor Maurer; Larry Walker, supervisor and Manager of Customer Support Services; Donald Leuenberger, Vice Chancellor for Business and Finance; Curt Phillips; Rod Lugert, Associate Director for ITS Operations; Yvette Holly, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Information Technology Services; Regent Ferlic.
Yvette Holly, assistant vice chancellor for Information Technology Services, writes, “Curt consistently provides outstanding customer service and significantly improves the effectiveness and efficiencies of daily operations for several departments.” Nominators Amanda Rasco and Margaret Boyce of UNMC Human Resources said, “Curt really went the extra mile for us last September. There was an issue with the Satisfaction Survey test that had been sent out. Curt was supposed to leave early that day but instead came to our offices and not only checked our computers but took the time to be part of a conference call with our outside vendor to trouble shoot the problem.”

Nominator Tina Spencer, manager of the bookstore and Parking Services, writes, “Curt provides all of his knowledge and expertise in manner that anyone can understand. Whether it is regarding the bookstore inventory or connections with the Department of Motor Vehicles, he treats everyone with professionalism, courtesy and warmth.”

Larry Walker, his immediate supervisor, notes that Curt is known for his customer service and his patience. Curt is well-respected among the ITS staff members, who have twice honored him with Silver U Awards.

Today, Curt has brought Yvette Holly, assistant vice chancellor for Information Technology Services; his supervisor and manager of customer support services, Larry Walker; and Rod Lugert, associate director for ITS operations. Please join me in thanking Curt for his contributions to the University of Nebraska Medical Center.
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