Christy Madsen
Childcare Teacher in the UNK Child Development Center, UNK

Christy began her responsibilities in August 2001 and is the only teacher who has been employed for the entire 10 years the Center has been available to the children of UNK students, faculty and staff. As lead teacher for the infant room, her primary responsibility is providing care for children 6 weeks to 1 year of age. Within that responsibility is supervising teaching assistants, documenting and communicating to parents children’s daily activities, and supervising the upkeep of the infant room. “I love each and every child,” she says. “I try to make sure each child is paid a great deal of attention, is very well cared for, and has lots of one-on-one contact throughout the day.” Her reputation for providing outstanding, personal care to children and for building trusting relationships with parents is very well deserved.

Pictured: Aaron Madsen, Natalie Madsen, Chancellor Kristensen, Kevin Madsen, Christy Madsen, Regent Gonzales
Christy also serves as opening supervisor for the Center, which includes preparing all rooms each day, receiving early-morning phone calls, and managing situations from an employee being ill to changes in children’s schedules. “I am never late for work,” Christy says, “but sometimes I am very early. I want to make sure everything is ready before the first child arrives.” She is also involved in making decisions that affect the Center and helps with activities like fund-raising, Picture Day and parent-teacher conferences. She sometimes assumes additional responsibilities due to employee illness or resignations. “It is a privilege and an honor to work with someone who is so dedicated to the Child Development Center and the families we serve,” says Director JoAnna Cordova. “She does a great job making families feel comfortable.”
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