Kim Rauscher
Executive Assistant in the Chancellor's Office, UNL

Kim's responsibilities include providing support to the Chancellor and his office for a wide array of functions. Since joining the office in 2008, Kim has made an immediate and positive impact and innumerous contributions to the office due to her knowledge, skills and abilities. Her high level of skills has also allowed her to assume some responsibilities once done by the associate to the chancellor, allowing UNL to collapse positions and save administrative costs.

Pictured: Lindy Rauscher, Mike Rauscher, Kim Rauscher, Chancellor Perlman, Regent Clare
Kim brings a high level of professionalism to the office and is extremely positive and proactive in her approach. She manages multiple responsibilities simultaneously and effectively handles complex scheduling issues and acts as an ambassador on behalf of the Office of the Chancellor to visitors from all walks of life and all over the world. She is respected by her peers and is a tremendous asset to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Her consistently positive attitude is infectious and helps everyone around her to be more productive. Kim exemplifies professionalism in every respect.
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