Susan Prusia
Accountant II in the School of Allied Health Administration, UNMC

Her nominator, Dr. Sam Sanderson, Associate Professor of Allied Health Research, wrote, “Sue is responsible for the budgetary aspects of the grants/contracts that are submitted in Allied Health. As such, she organizes the budget and administrative details necessary for grant submissions and has acquired knowledge and familiarity with the subtle, yet inordinately important, nuances of grant funding agencies and the format/style of the grants, which makes UNMC submissions competitive.”
Pictured: Chancellor Maurer, Susan Prusia, Regent Ferlic, Sam Sanderson, Dr. Kyle Meyer
He continued, “Being totally trustworthy, professional and always ‘on top’ of the daily activities is a given in a small office, but Sue extends this to our collaborators at other institutions and has on occasion called in to offer assistance on grant submissions, even when home ill.” Dr. Samuelson added, “Prior to and during the remodeling of Bennett Hall (which united all of Allied Health under one roof), Sue worked closely with the faculty, administration and UNMC facilities to ensure that the needs of each program in Allied Health were met; she did not seek credit for this, but instead praised the person from facilities who coordinated the project.”

Patricia O’Neil, director of administration and finance for SAHP Dean’s Office, noted, “Sue has the unique combination of an accountant’s precision and organization with the compassion and collegiality of an academic organization and our collaborators readily acknowledge this.”
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