Teonne Wright
Webmaster, Criss Library, UNO

Teonne, an Omaha native and graduate of Dana College, has worked at UNO since 2008 and was selected as UNO’s Employee of the Month in May 2011. She is recognized as someone who regularly goes “above and beyond” in her work at Criss Library. One nominator said, “As a member of the Library PERK committee, Teonne has been influential in initiating a staff recognition program for years of service. She is also instrumental in recruiting exhibits displayed in the Library Gallery space. Teonne took this even further when the library was in need of an exhibit in the gallery and had nothing lined up. She organized an exhibit of art done by students in a summer arts program she volunteers with.”

Pictured: Chancellor Christensen, Rene Erlandson, Teonne Wright, Regent Carr
Wright says she loves her work at the library. “I’m a creative person and I like to pick up a camera,” she said. As the library’s webmaster, she is responsible for the Criss Library website, social media and digital signage, and she also develops applications for the library’s photography. She enjoys working with and teaching kids in the areas of art and painting at the Growing and Building Together Academy of the Arts. In her spare time, Wright is working on a master’s degree in advertising from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Teonne is accompanied today by her supervisor, Rene Erlandson, director of virtual services at the Criss Library. Please join me in thanking Teonne for her work and dedication to UNO and the Criss Library.
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