1+2+1 Program Coordinator, Office of International Education, UNK

Pictured: Chancellor Kristensen, Dr. Dallas Kenny, Gui-Jie-Zhang and Regent Clare
Gui-Jie began her service to UNK in 2005. Her major responsibilities include coordinating UNK’s American Association of State College and Universities/ Sino American dual degree program with several universities in China; advising more than 140 Chinese undergraduates and other international students; helping to facilitate partnerships with Chinese universities, high schools, and organizations; supporting the implementation of UNK’s Semester Abroad and Faculty Development Programs in China; assisting with the recruitment of undergraduate, degree-seeking students from China; and helping Chinese student applicants with the visa application process. In addition, she serves as a facilitator for interactions between UNK and its institutional partners in China and has arranged meetings and provided translation for members of UNK’s administration at various Chinese partner universities and high schools. All of these responsibilities result in a career that is far more than an eight-to-five job. She is frequently that “someone” who mothers the students when an away-from-home mother is needed; who befriends them when a friend is needed; and who teaches them when academic issues require her special guidance. “I am happy that I can be here to support our students’ needs,” she says. “I don’t know each day what kind of challenge I will have, but I am happy I can be here for them.”

Gui-Jie is an invaluable asset to the Office of International Education and to the entire UNK community. Her supervisor, Director of International Education Dallas Kenny, credits her with much of UNK’s success in rapidly growing its Chinese student enrollment. “She works tirelessly,” he says, “and her efforts are truly exemplary.”

With her today is Dr. Dallas Kenny. Please join me in thanking Gui-Jie Zhang for her outstanding contributions to the University of Nebraska at Kearney and its students.
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