Lisa Runco
Vice Chair for Administration and Finance and Administrator IV, Department of Internal Medicine, College of Medicine, UNMC

Pictured: Chancellor Maurer, Mitch Runco, Lisa Runco and Regent McClurg
Her nominator, Dr. Thomas Tape, Chief of General Medicine, writes, “My first professional interaction with Lisa Runco occurred many years ago when she was the administrator for the Eye Clinic. My secretary, Kathy, overheard my difficulty trying to book an appointment and said: ‘Let me call Lisa Runco—I know she can help you.’ Was Kathy ever right! Lisa called me back right away and after listening to my symptoms, arranged for me to be seen right away. I assumed she had been a nurse and was amazed to find out that she was a business person who possesses a lot of common sense and cares tremendously about people.” Dr. Tape further states, “Probably related to her wonderful organizational skills is Lisa’s extraordinary command of the Byzantine financial and administrative structures that result from the complex interplay of the University of Nebraska Medical Center, the University of Nebraska Medical Center Physicians, and The Nebraska Medical Center. Not only is she able to grasp the complexity but she can also explain how to proceed with projects that cut across organizational boundaries. She has the detailed data to support her proposals and this helps break down the barriers and leads to productive collaborations among the entities.”

Nominator Jill Lynch-Sosa of the Village Pointe clinic notes, “Lisa Runco keeps a keen eye on the operations and finances of the internal medicine clinics. For those who are interested in learning, Lisa takes the time to mentor and shape the knowledge of the managers who work with her so that they may run the clinics in the most effective and efficient way.” She continues, “Lisa has nominated others for the Gold U award and has supervised a least one other recipient; it is time to recognize Lisa.”

Today, Lisa Runco has brought her husband, Mitch Runco, with her. Please join me in thanking Lisa for her contributions to the University of Nebraska Medical Center.
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