Michael Ruhrdanz
Director of Communications and Operations for Information Services, UNL

Michael’s major areas of responsibility include networking, security, computer operations and telecommunications. He provides leadership and vision and led the effective deployment of the next generation of new technologies including wireless networks, network security software, and high-performance networking to support UNL's research activities.

Pictured: Mark Askren, Deb Ruhrdanz, Michael Ruhrdanz, Chancellor Perlman and Regent Ferlic
Michael’s performance as a leader and manager mirrors the UNL computer network that he has helped to build. He is well-connected and a recognized technology leader among state, regional and national peers; he is highly reliable, accurate and respected by those who work with and for him; and Michael is a high-performance employee. He has a tremendous capacity to adapt to the ever-changing technological environment in higher education.

Through Michael’s pioneering efforts and vision, UNL is technologically well-positioned among its Big Ten peers. Most importantly, he has developed his management skills to a level where they serve as a model for his staff and other managers within Information Services. He is articulate, resourceful and open-minded. UNL and the University of Nebraska are fortunate to have someone with his capabilities running the technology infrastructure of the UNL campus.

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