Alice Weyant
Compensation Administrator for Human Resources Strategic Staffing and Compensation in Business and Finance, UNMC

Nominator Laura Bashus, administrator of the College of Public Health, writes, “For as long as I’ve been with UNMC, Alice has been a constant source of knowledge, applied with common sense and fairness. She is objective and completely customer focused. Regardless of whether or not it is her responsibility to respond to a question or need, she assists whenever possible.
Pictured: John Russell, Chancellor Maurer, Adam Haynes, Paul Knutson, Alice Weyant, Regent Phares, Don Leuenberger
If not possible, she communicates by whom it will be handled and when.”

Ms. Bashus continues, “Alice has truly been a highly valued resource for me through the years, and for many of our administrative staff. I’ve never heard a negative word spoken about her in all of my 17 years, and most people know that she is the person who can be counted on for accurate and positive guidance without complaint.”

John Russell, assistant vice chancellor and executive director of Human Resources, writes, “Alice is a stellar, dedicated employee. She is a ‘Most Valuable Player,’ if there ever was one.” He continues, “Alice has been recognized with a Silver U in January 2010, for her outstanding customer service and dedication to UNMC. That dedication is a family affair, as her late father was an employee as well as her sister and two of her children are current employees.”

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