Diana Allard
Cataloging Assistant at the Criss Library, UNO

Diana is native of Omaha. She received her undergraduate degree from Midland College and her master’s in English from UNO. As a graduate student at UNO, she also taught English composition. She has worked in the serials department of the Criss Library for the past 7 ½ and enjoys the student interaction that comes with the job. Diana says she enjoys the people she works with and that there’s always something happening at the library.
Pictured: Chancellor Christensen, Jim Shaw, Diana Allard, Stephen Allard, Regent Schroeder

In a nomination for the Employee of the Month award, one nominator said of Diana, “A particularly noteworthy recent achievement was her work on the annual renewal of subscriptions with the library’s serials vendor. This is an extensive and time-consuming process that in previous years had been carried out by two to three staff members. Not only was this the first time that Diana was involved in this process, but due to staff shortages, she took on that task almost single-handedly.”

Another nominator said of her, “The library world is changing rapidly, and anyone who is a part of it must learn to grow and adapt to new technologies. Diana always moves with the times and learns each new process. Adaptability is Diana’s middle name.”

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