Robyn Schoenebeck
Enrollment Evaluator in the Office of Student Records and Registration, UNK

Pictured: Chancellor Kristensen, Casey Schoenebeck, Robyn Schoenebeck, Regent Ahmed

Robyn has been employed at UNK since 2009 as Enrollment Evaluator in the Office of Student Records and Registration. Her responsibilities include verifying that graduates meet all institutional and departmental degree requirements; preparing, printing, distributing and managing the release of diplomas; advising students and faculty about degree requirements; and managing the graduation process. Managing the graduation process in itself is a far-reaching endeavor and includes processing graduation applications, distributing lists of graduates to appropriate campus offices, designating honors students, reviewing and approving the printed commencement program, assisting at the commencement ceremony and posting degrees to students’ academic records. In addition, Robyn works with students who wish to return to UNK to complete their degrees after years of absence. The numbers of such students are increasing, and while the University welcomes them back, responding to their unique situations requires careful evaluation.

Robyn holds a busy, often complicated, always important position. Her supervisor lauds her work as “exemplary” and her colleagues and friends admire her demeanor – kind, friendly, quietly enthusiastic and professional. “I feel pride and enjoy my job most when I’m able to help a student get on track for graduation," Robyn says. “I also feel a sense of pride after each graduation ceremony. It’s wonderful to be a part of it and to feel that you contributed to its success.”

With her today is her husband, Casey. Robyn, you and the contributions you make for the benefit of others have made UNK and the university community a better place. Our thanks and congratulations to you.

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