Deborah Andersen
Nurse Manager in the Surgery-Transplant Dept. for the College of Medicine, UNMC

Pictured: Chancellor Maurer, Sue Miller, Regent Ferlic, Deborah Andersen, Dr. Alan Langnas, Tracy Krasser

Endorser and supervisor Dr. Alan Langnas writes, “It is hard for me to imagine a more deserving individual. In her role as manager she has worked tirelessly to ensure the staff is trained in a culture that reflects her values. The nurses, surgeons and most importantly the patients have benefitted from her talents.”

Nominator Vickey Cordoba writes that Deborah is a “dedicated nurse and manager. I listen to her daily providing comfort, guidance and leadership to her staff. Debb strives to set the tone for excellence; she leads by example and at the same time takes time to provide for our patients first. She consistently encourages and emphasizes to her staff to keep learning and to keep their nursing at quality standards and will accept no less.” She noted that “Debb has been involved with bringing nurses from Saudi Arabia to help them learn and grow their own transplant service. Debb has brought them into our department with open arms and woven them into our daily lives with such ease and grace as only she can.”

Today, Deborah is accompanied by Sue Miller; her direct supervisor, Dr. Alan Langnas; and the administrator of the Surgery-Transplant Department, Tracy Krasser.

Please join me in thanking Deborah Andersen for her contributions to the University of Nebraska Medical Center.

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