Provost's Office

Reviews & Approvals

New Academic Programs and Organizational Units

The Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost coordinates the University of Nebraska's new academic program (majors/degrees/credentials) and new organizational unit (departments/colleges/centers/institutes) approval processes after proposals have been developed and approved by campus faculty and administrators.  Each new proposal is vetted by the EVPP and Vice Provost, consent is obtained from NU Chief Academic Officers and the President.  Formal approvals are also required from the Board of Regents and the Nebraska Coordinating Commission for Postsecondary Education.

Approval Timeline and Process

The typical process for obtaining academic program and organizational unit approval involves the following steps:

  • Campus approvals obtained
  • Proposal sent to the Executive Vice President and Provost (EVPP) with CC to the Vice Provost and EVPP’s Administrative Assistant
  • Screening by Vice Provost (Dialog on refinements conducted with campus representatives)
  • Review and approval to move forward by EVPP: Item placed on the agenda for consent by University of Nebraska Council of Academic Officers (CAOs)
  • [Graduate program may require additional steps and some graduate certificate programs can receive an Expedited Review.]
  • If consented by CAOs, a Board of Regents (BOR) Agenda Item is prepared/refined with campus input and approvals
  • Draft Agenda Item vetted by the President and Executive Cabinet
  • Consideration by the BOR Academic Affairs (AA) Committee (certain items are “reported” to the committee)
  • If approved by the AA Committee, presented to the (full) BOR (as a motion for approval; certain items are “reported")
  • The EVPP forwards proposal materials to the Nebraska Coordinating Commission for Postsecondary Education (CCPE)
  • CCPE staff review material; any questions are posed to the Vice Provost who seeks responses from program leaders. (Some items, such as simple name changes, may be approved without a hearing.)
  • CCPE holds a public hearing (Vice Provost and campus program leader typically in attendance)
  • If approved, CCPE notifies EVPP, Vice Provost and campus administrators via email.
  • [Once CCPE approval has been granted, program or organizational unit may start operation as proposed.]

Program Approval Resources:   Academic Program/Organizational Unit Guidelines   Budget Tables (Academic Program, Organizational Unit)

Existing Academic Units and Programs Reviews

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