Steering Committee / Executive Committee
The NU Online Steering Committee, appointed by the President in consultation with Chancellors, includes the Distance Education Director at each campus and representatives of key stakeholder organizations within the University. The Steering Committee will provide advice on budgeting and strategic planning, and may recommend changes in distance education fees and financial protocols and other policies. On operational issues, the Steering Committee functions in an advisory capacity. When addressing policy and procedure issues, especially on new policies or revisions to existing policies, the steering committee will vote and their approval will be used to send the policy up to a higher level as needed.

Committee Members
Name Campus Title
Mary Niemiec* CA Assoc. Vice President for Distance Education, Director, Online
Gloria Vavricka* UNK Director, eCampus
Kenya Taylor UNK Dean, Graduate Studies/Research
Marie Barber* UNL Executive Director, Office of Online & Distance Education
Chris Marvin UNL Assoc. Professor, Advisor/Coordinator of Early Childhood Special Education
Amy Goodburn UNL Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
Juliann Sebastian UNMC Dean, College of Nursing
Jan Tompkins* UNMC Director of Academic/Student Affairs, School of Allied Health
John Bartle UNO Dean, College of Public Affairs and Community Service Professor
Jaci Lindburg* UNO Assistant Director, Digital Learning Academic Partnerships for Instruction

*Executive Committee - distance education director from each campus
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