Board of Regents Purchasing Policies
Except as otherwise provided in the purchasing policy, any purchase committing the University to an expenditure of $150,000 or more shall be made to the lowest responsible bidder, taking into consideration the best interests of the University, the quality or performance of any articles or service to be purchased, their conformity with specifications, the purpose for which required, and the time of delivery or performance. A formal sealed bid process is used in securing pricing using an "Invitation to Bid." A minimum of fifteen (15) days shall elapse between the time formal bids are advertised or called for and the time of their opening; provided however, the Principal Business Officer may shorten this time period in cases of emergency.
Any purchase where competitive bidding is required by this policy shall be made on the basis of written specifications which shall be developed by the requesting unit, the purchasing officer, and/or the appropriate academic/administrative authority. Each request for a sole source purchase shall be accompanied by written justification from the requesting unit.

Purchases under $150,000 are also processed on a competitive basis, although in an informal manner–by verbal or written requests for quotations.

Each principal business officer may establish campus purchasing policies and procedures which are supplemental to and consistent with this purchasing policy.
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