Facilities Management and Planning Procedures
UNFP 1.0 BOR Agenda Items GuidelinesPDFWord
UNFP 1.01 Board of Regents Agenda Item Format for Business AffairsPDFWord
UNFP 2.0 - Project Review Board ProceduresPDFWord
UNFP - Builders Risk Property Insurance Assessment ProceduresPDFWord
UNFP - Administrative Approval of University Contracts ProceduresPDFWord
UNFP - Contract ChecklistPDFWord
UNFP - Certificate of Insurance FormPDFWord
UNFP - Certificate of Insurance Preparation InstructionsPDF 
UNFP - Owners Protective Bond Word
UNFP - Review of Bids and Contracts ProceduresPDFWord
UNFP - Professional Services Selection ProceduresPDFWord
UNFP - Four Year Professional Services Selection ProceduresPDFWord
UNFP - Professional Services RFQ TemplatePDFWord
UNFP - Project Delivery Method ProceduresPDFWord
UNFP - Architectural Program ProceduresPDF
UNFP - Supporting Documentation TemplateExcel
UNFP - Program Statement Outline ProceduresPDFWord
UNFP - Program Statement TemplateWord
UNFP - Intermediate Design ProceduresPDFWord
UNFP - Change of Scope ProceduresPDFWord
UNFP - Change in Scope Form - Construction Projects by Budget or Use Categories Excel
UNFP - Contractor Recommendation of Award & Notice to Proceed ProceduresPDFWord
UNFP - Construction Project Closeout ProceduresPDFWord
UNFP - Construction Project Closeout MemorandumPDFExcel
UNFP - Licensed Professional Services Performance EvaluationPDF 
UNFP - Contractor Performance EvaluationPDF 
UNFP - Status Report of Construction Projects ProceduresPDFWord
UNFP - Program Numbers for Construction Projects ProceduresPDFWord
UNFP - Construction Management at Risk Selection ProceduresPDFWord
UNFP - Construction Manager at Risk RFP TemplatePDFWord
UNFP - Construction Management at Risk (CMP) Fee and General Conditions WorksheetPDFExcel
UNFP - Design Build Selection ProceduresPDFWord
UNFP - Design Build RFQ TemplatePDFWord
UNFP - Design Build RFP TemplatePDFWord
UNFP - Program Manager Selection ProceduresPDFWord
UNFP - Program Manager RFQ TemplatePDFWord
UNFP - Project Evaluation Board Confidentiality and Conflict of Interest CertificationPDFWord
UNFP - Acquiring Works of Art for Construction Projects ProceduresPDF 

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