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Saving a PDF to your computer

  1. To access the Board of Regents Agenda, Open your web browser and goto http://go.nebraska.edu/bor

  2. Right-click on the agenda you would like to open, then click Save link as…

  3. Select the destination you would like to save the PDF, then click Save.

  4. Navigate to where you saved the PDF, then double click the PDF to open it in Adobe Acrobat.

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Annotating a PDF on your computer

  1. Click   to highlight text within the document.  Use your mouse to highlight any text within the document.

    Example of highlighted text:

  2. Click  to add sticky notes within the document.  Click anywhere in the document to add a sticky note.

    Example of a sticky note:

  3. Click  to save the annotations you added to your document.  Next time you open the document, the annotations will remain.

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