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Importing PDF to Notability

  1. To access the Board of Regents Agenda, Open Safari and goto http://go.nebraska.edu/bor

  2. Tap on the Agenda you would like to view.  For this meeting tap January 25.

  3. Tap once on the screen to display more menu options.

  4. Tap Open in Notability.

    Note: Notability may take up to 20 seconds to open.

  5. Tap Create new note.

  6. This screen allows you to import specific pages from a PDF.  For our uses, leave the defaults and tap OK.

    Notability may take up to 20 seconds to load.

  7. Your PDF is now accessible through and saved within Notability.

  8. Tap  to manage your Notability documents.

  9. This view displays all of your Notability documents.

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Annotating in Notability

  1. Tap the PDF you wish to annotate.

  2. Notability offers several ways to annotate a document.  Tap on one to start annotating your document.

  3. Double-tap on an annotation tool for additional options.

    Note: For tools already selected, you only need to tap once for additional options.

  4. Tap to view thumbnails of all of the pages of the document.

  5. Use your fingertip to scroll through the pages.

  6. Tap on a page to Bookmark that page.

  7. When a page is bookmarked, the tab becomes red.

  8. Tap to close the thumbnails view.

  9. Once you have completed annotating your document, tap  to save your annotations.

  10. Your saved document appears in your list of Notability documents.

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Deleting a document from Notability

  1. From the documents view of Notability, tap .

  2. Tap the document(s) you want to delete.  To show they are selected, they turn blue.

  3. Tap the .

  4. Tap Delete when asked to confirm deletion of this document.

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