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Strengthening Nebraska's Workforce

Did you know that the University of Nebraska adds almost 11,000 graduates to Nebraska’s workforce every year? Graduates that fill the high wage, high skill and high demand jobs across the state. Graduates whose earnings and spending activities add $2.4 billion to the state’s economy annually.

NU also supports one out of every 26 jobs in the state and leverages private and public partnerships to attract talent and create new jobs—putting Nebraskans in a stronger position to support their families and contribute to their communities.

Read the stories below to learn more about our people, programs and projects that are strengthening Nebraska’s workforce.


Chance Hersh

Agriculture fuels one in four Nebraska jobs. That's why the next generation of producers needs an education only the University of Nebraska can deliver.

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Stacy Adams

Nebraska's craft brewing industry supports nearly 9,000 jobs and more than $235 million in wages. This University of Nebraska–Lincoln researcher is tapping the potential of Nebraskan—grown hops to give producers a profitable, niche crop that delivers season after season.

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Rachel Ostrander Brownlee

Calving season in Nebraska is a delicate, expensive process that could easily go wrong. Unless you have an app like MooManager on your side.

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Tractor in Field

Dan Kent

ATVs and tractors are nothing new to the farming world, but the accident rate for 10- to 15-year-olds remains troublingly high. Dan Kent, a Nebraskan producer studying for his Ph.D., is working to change that.

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