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Cultivating Future Capabilities for C3

Nebraska Defense research corporation

Our Vision

The Nebraska Defense Research Corporation (NDRC) provides a bridge of trust between government, industry and academia to support and promote technology discovery, facilitate knowledge transfer, and accelerates the transfer of command, control, and communications capabilities to customer operations. NDRC supports government stakeholders in shortening development timelines that deliver secure, mission-enhancing capabilities.

Opportunities to Collaborate

NDRC provides the following opportunities for current and potential collaborative partners.

Capability Demonstrations

NDRC serves as a “neutral broker” to industry, academia, non-traditional sources.

We are looking for capability demonstrations, technology insight and new ideas that can provide critical information to government sponsors for future C3 capability needs—and enable innovation for our government partners.

C3 Imperatives

NDRC helps collaborative partners to ensure their research meets the following C3 imperatives:

  • Improve confidence in decision making
  • High assurance conferencing
  • Resilient to the threat
  • Adaptable to the future

NDRC's Partnership Intermediary Agreement

NDRC has a Partnership Intermediary Agreement (PIA) with the Air Force Life CycleManagement Center (AFLCMC).

NDRC Acquisition Cycle 2023

NDRC falls in the Technology Demonstrations and Market Research phase of the acquisition cycle.

The PIA offers a number of benefits for NDRC and its collaborative partners:

  • NDRC can engage academia and industry on behalf of the government to accelerate tech transfer and licensing
  • The government is able to pay for services to support tech transfer
  • NDRC can serve as an objective third-party broker between the government and industry to increase opportunities for commercializing new capabilities
  • NDRC can engage in proactive marketing of government-owned technologies to industry to enable tech transition/tech insertion

Our Capabilities

NDRC is focused on integration of advanced technology capabilities supporting Strategic and Strategic Operational levels of C3 enterprise. This is accomplished through market research and demonstration cycles, or spins, which are completed twice per year to generate proposals and demonstrate capabilities to flag officers and other service branch leaders.

View our recent spins
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Partners and Research

NDRC’s collaborative partners conduct research in various domains that contribute to the C3 mission area:

  • protecting against space-based and cyber threats;
  • enhancing integrated tactical warning and attack assessment;
  • improving command posts and communications links;
  • advancing decision support technology; and
  • integrating planning and operations.

NDRC's REACH Alliance includes 80+ small and large companies.

Contact NDRC staff for a current list of members.

NDRC Resources

NDRC operates and maintains capabilities and resources that allow Collaborative Partners to access the following in support of the Research, Engineering, and Architecture Collaboration Hub (REACH) Alliance and its objectives. These capabilities and resource include:

Interim REACH Facility (iREACH)

The iREACH provides cleared collaborative partners with a secure facility and a collaboration network in Bellevue, NE to support REACH Alliance work.

REACH Prototype Interconnect for Demonstrations (RAPID) Network

The RAPID Network allows collaborative partners and government stakeholders to collaborate on a secure network within the iREACH facility that provides a digital design and demonstration environment. This network supports the operation of sandbox environments to protect proprietary data, while maximizing opportunities for collaboration with other REACH stakeholders.

Within this environment, NDRC will create an authoritative data repository and suite of modeling and simulation tools that support C3 concept exploration and demonstrations.

Low Latency Demonstration Network 

NDRC provides a low latency Internet Protocol-based demonstration network for exploring concepts in a mission-relevant environment. This network takes advantage of commercial internet, cellular, and satellite-based transports to provide end users with highly reliable communications during demonstration events.

Key Contacts


Jerry "Indy" Gandy

Executive Director, NDRC

NDRC Executive Director

James Taylor

Deputy Executive Director, NDRC

James "Bubba" Fuemmeler

Director of Operations

James Fuemmeler Portrait Photo

Barb Hirz

Director of Strategy and Innovation

Barb Hirz

Steve Callicut

Senior Technical Advisor


The legacy architecture is composed of more than 175 individual systems.


Many systems entered service in the 70's and are reaching the end of their life.


Plans to replace legacy systems will cost $77 billion from 2019 through 2028.


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